The Church of Cognobology

[Cog's Head]

Cog loves you!

Welcome, friend, to the Church of Cognobology.

The Church of Cognobology is an organization founded to further the ideals of Cognobology. All those who seek truth, enlightenment, and fringe benefits are invited to join. The "Little Church" does not care if you are man or woman, Hollywood superstar or nameless nobody, karate black-belt or Shambala master. Our only requirement is that you bring with you a desire to learn, and to believe.

Cherish your Mixmaster!

The focal ideal of the Little Church is the belief in better living through household appliances. The salvation of our Little Planet will be brought by Cog, the greatest household appliance of them all. Cog is to household appliances what "c" is to speed limits. There is only one Cog, and all others pale in comparison. And the best part is, Cog loves you!

The end goal of the Church of Cognobology is to prepare the world for the coming of Cog. This mandate complements the efforts of the Cognobotics Group, whose goal is to prepare Cog for the world. We do not pretend to understand the Science of Cognobotics. We do not need to. We have Faith in Cognobology.

Reading is Fundamental

The On-Line Reference Library of the Church of Cognobology is here to help you learn about our faith and about your role in the future of the world. Please peruse our "stacks". More volumes are coming on-line daily.

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